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Let me know if your DVD has a defect or is the wrong show and I will get you another after you send me DVD back. Before you declare a defect because of the quality of the viewing please read below.

You should be aware the quality of our DVD are at a VHS quality level.

From 88 to 98 the original is VHS and in most cases the master is VHS - some are 3/4 inch. The editing is down one generation but to 3/4" and then the dubbing for your tape is down a VHS. Plus, all tapes degenerate over time. So, it is not a defect for the prior 98 tapes to have some granularity in presentation although I might say they did hold up quite well. I recently watched a 88 Olympic trial tape and very much enjoyed the show.

From 98 to 2003 the original is 400 lines via Hi 8 going to SVHS master. Little loss in this editing level. Then a dub from SVHS to your VHS tape or DVD. This era of achieves should be pretty good VHS level presentations.

For the 2004 season the introduction of a minDV camera was introduced. (A friend busted by second Hi 8 while shooting the States :-(( ) Unfortunately selecting a Digital camera was a mistake. These small consumer digital cameras do not perform nearly as well as Hi 8. So, for two camera shoots one camera will not be as sharp and be darker than the Hi 8. Nothing I can do about these shows now - the damage is done. It is not bad enough to not get a show of interest but it is something I need to point out to avoid too much churn. It drives Bob crazy but then I am writing the checks for this "hobby" the $2k cameras are out of the question in my personal budget. Maybe if more of you fans load up your libraries with archives the quality can be improved with 3-chip cameras -))

In neither case do I ship a DVD with a lot of snow. So you be the judge given the above information before declaring a defect related to quality of tape.

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