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Help File For Matside Web Site

The index on left side of Home page is the tool to navigate the site. The purpose of the site is to provide the TV schedule and TV shows archives. The archives are listed per type of wrestling event to help find an area of wrestling of interest or year of interest.

Not all shows are listed on archive. We try to add more shows for purchase as time passes. Over 1400 hours of programming has been provided in 22 years. So it is a challenging effort to post each of the shows we have in our library. Matside is an all volunteer public access TV type effort. The funds received from archives are not many and what is received only go to help purchase video tapes and repair equipment and now the monthly fee for web hosting. However, if you have a specific interest and want to know if we filmed it but not it is not on the web site then please forward your question via the Contact web page.

The Product Search field is great tool to find coverage of certain wrestler in various shows. You can only search for last name. The search engine will present every show a wrestler appeared.

The Information Section has details for ordering archives.

At this time there is no Newsletter.

The pages in upper right of home page can be useful.

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