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1982 Gene Mill's

1982 Gene Mill's
Art.Nr.: 8201
Wrestling Technique of Gene Mill by Bob Dieli

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1982 Gene Mill's

Copyright 1982 by Robert J. Dieli

This in-depth profile of Gene Mills focuses primarily on Mills the man and his wrestling accomplishments and future objectives.

Gene was the only college wrestler, prior to graduating from school, to win the Pan American Games, World Cup Games (twice), Tbilisi Soviet Championship, Japan's Super World Championships and to ear a USA Olympic team berth.

Gene Mills was on the 1980 U.S. Olympic Team: Stan Dziedzic , Manager; Chuck Yagia, 149.5; Randy Lewis, 136.5; John azevedo, 125.5; Gene Mills, 114.5; bob Weaver, 195.5; Dan Gable, coach; Greg Wojclechowski, Heavyweight; Russ Hellickson, 220; Ben Peterson, 198; chris Campbell, 180.5; and Lee Kemp, 163

Part One: Mill's College and Early Freestyle Career
Quite a wrestling story for the pinners in the sport as Gene Mills fame was a pinner. "In winding up his distinctive college career, Mills was chosen as the meet's most outstanding wrestler, and in the course of the toruney, surpassed Clarion State Wad Shalles' pin record when he dramatically pinned his final foe in the championship match to emerge with a new colegiate record of 107 pins." This was also his fame in freestyle. Some great reading.
The book also has a complete personal diary of his 1980 Russian trip. Pretty unique offering in this book.
Part Two: An Assessment
Chapter VII Syracuse Assistant
Chapter VIII Ercegan's Critique
Chapter IX College Wrestling
Chapter X Family Background
Chapter XI Sanders- Mills
Chapter XII Olympic Goal
Chapter XIII Karl Gotch
Chapter XiV Cerro Pelado
Part Three: Mills' Future Roles


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